Parents Who Worship Their Children

I have met many parents who cite their children as their raison d’être, or reason for living. This is nothing short of worshiping their children. It is a terrible thing to do to them, and worst of all, it is idolatry before God. Tullian Tchividjian says it very well: “Parents are cruel and unloving to their children when they place a large burden on their small shoulders that they were never intended to bear, namely, ‘Make my life worth living.'”

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About Rev. John Fraiser

Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - LaGrange, KY
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One Response to Parents Who Worship Their Children

  1. The Kraals says:

    Excellent point. Poor children. I see this in Christian circles all the time. THen the children are made to “perform” as perfect little Christians and never can be a regular child. It is all about the parent and not about letting the child develop into a God-Loving person.

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